Japan Rugby Special

Things to do in the 12 cities hosting the world cup matches

Days to go!

Recommended Venue

Eat out at a yokocho

Mirai Yokochoa


See worlds collide through art

Yokohama Museum of Art


Shop in the sea breeze

Marine & Walk Yokohama


Kick off your rugby night

Rugby Diner 7 oath's


Drive the shinkansen

The Railway Museum


Opt for a wilder view

Chichibu Geo Gravity Park


Enjoy the big game over dinner

Teppachi Hakkai


Meet the Moomins

Moomin Valley Park


About Japan Rugby Special

As Japan gears up for the Rugby World Cup 2019, there's no better time to explore the country and everything it has to offer. There will be a total of 48 rugby matches playing at 12 different stadiums across Japan – including in Saitama and Yokohama – and each venue is surrounded by a host of restaurants, cafés, bars and attractions. So to keep the excitement alive before and after the matches, go explore these rugby destinations with our top picks and you’ll have the time of your life.