About Kumamoto

This major Kyushu city, on the island’s western coast, is best known for Kumamoto-jo castle, which dates back to 1607 (with much rebuilding done over the subsequent centuries). Sadly, the castle’s inner grounds are closed until 2021, due to earthquake Rugby World Cup 2019 Rugby World Cup 2019 damage sustained in 2016. The Rugby World Cup season will, however, see a plaza opened outside Kumamoto-jo that will give a fantastic view of one of Japan’s most complete fortresses. Elsewhere, Suizenji is a tranquil Japanese landscape garden. Kumamoto is the style capital of western Japan, which makes for great people-watching taking in the fashionistas as they go about their day. The city is also noted for its potent Kuma shochu, and much-loved prefectural mascot Kumamon – a black bear with red cheeks you’ll see everywhere.